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NVIDIA is not in the top 100 recognizable brands, despite its rapid growth - the company is known only to gamers

NVIDIA is not in the top 100 recognizable brands, despite its rapid growth - the company is known only to gamers
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Four out of the five most expensive companies in the world, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, are also the most recognizable public brands. NVIDIA, which briefly surpassed Microsoft this week to become the world's most expensive company (now third), is not among the top 100 most recognized names in Interbrand's latest list.

The nearly ninefold increase in NVIDIA's value since the end of 2022 was driven by demand for its artificial intelligence processors – the company's products occupy over 80% of the market for these chips. Several major technology companies are the main buyers of its microchips.

“As a company that has recently entered the global arena, NVIDIA has not had the time or resources to strengthen its brand to protect future income. ... Weak brand strength will limit its value, despite its market capitalization,” said Greg Silverman, Interbrand's Global Brand Economics Director.

NVIDIA's revenue growth exceeded 200% in each of the last three quarters. According to LSEG data, revenue is expected to almost double in the 2025 fiscal year compared to the previous year and exceed $120 billion.

Apple, ranking first in the Interbrand list, earns the vast majority of its revenue by selling iPhones and other devices to consumers worldwide. Microsoft, in second place, is a giant in corporate sales but is widely known for its Windows and Office software. Third-ranked Amazon aims to be a store for all consumer goods, and Google, at number 4, is the gateway to the Internet for many people. The only user group where NVIDIA is widely known is gamers.

NVIDIA was founded in 1991, when artificial intelligence was just emerging. Until recently, the company's main focus was on developing video cards. Over the years, the GeForce brand and the green logo were well known to gaming enthusiasts. Now NVIDIA's gaming video adapters are only a relatively small side business. In the last quarter, revenue from it was $2.6 billion, or 10% of total sales.

Unlike Intel, the company has never "sold" its brand through flashy advertising campaigns. However, the NVIDIA brand is now rapidly growing. Company data shows that brand awareness has quadrupled over the past 12 months, which will help when it's time for the next Interbrand ranking. According to Vanda Research, NVIDIA shares have become the most popular among retail investors.

Source: CNBC

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