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Microsoft is implementing Copilot in Minecraft and other games - where this could lead to

Microsoft is implementing Copilot in Minecraft and other games - where this could lead to
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During the Surface and AI Microsoft event, Copilot integration was demonstrated in games using Minecraft as an example. Players will be able to use natural language to ask questions like "How to create a sword?". Copilot will search for the necessary materials in chests and inventory, or outside if they are not available. It will also explain how to create an item and more without the need to exit the game and search for information on websites.

A convenient feature to ask in-game how to defeat a boss or how to find secrets in a location can fundamentally change the way games are created and played. It will also reduce the need for websites, traditional forums, and chats such as Discord.

This innovation may also affect the balance in games. In the past, the World of Warcraft development team spent a lot of effort balancing the game's API add-ons. Many of them allow players to create modifications to automate certain game mechanics. AI may intervene in this aspect and make games easier or unbalanced due to light assistance.

It may become more difficult for websites and databases to finance their activities in this new world. This, in turn, may negatively affect the quality of information obtained from these platforms. Thus, a downward spiral may arise, and what some artificial intelligence theorists describe as a model collapse, when artificial intelligence no longer receives accurate information.

It is important to note that there are currently no specific plans to introduce Copilot in games in the near future, Microsoft has only announced the possibility.

Source: Windows Central

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