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Joe Biden trolled conspiracy theorists who think he rigged the Super Bowl

Joe Biden trolled conspiracy theorists who think he rigged the Super Bowl
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The President of the United States, Joe Biden, made a message for right-wing conspiracy theorists, trolling those who believed he rigged the final game of the American football championship (Super Bowl) in favor of Taylor Swift's boyfriend.

Shortly after the end of the Super Bowl on Sunday, Biden joyfully mocked those who accused him and the Democrats of conducting a "psychological operation to interfere in the elections with the help of Taylor Swift," as reported by Gizmodo. According to the theory, Biden arranged for the victory of the Kansas City Chiefs team, where Taylor Swift's boyfriend, Travis Kelce, plays, in exchange for her support in the elections.

"Just like we drew it up," the president's official account in the social media platform X (Twitter) reported. The message included an image of Biden with laser eyes, known on the internet as "Dark Brandon" - a meme that aims to depict a more sinister alter ego of the president.

The post is based on a video posted by Biden's campaign, where he is directly asked whether he plans to "falsify the season to make the Chiefs win the Super Bowl."

I'll get in trouble if I tell you.

— Biden replied.

In recent weeks, right-wing influencers have been promoting the conspiracy theory "Biden is rigging the Super Bowl," in particular former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswami. Other right-wing figures, such as Rogan O'Hendli, have warned of imminent doom if the Chiefs win, as if it is necessary for Biden to start World War III after winning the elections.

Swift has not announced whom she will support in this year's presidential election - and has not even indicated whether she will publicly disclose her choice - but supporting Biden is quite possible. The pop star endorsed Biden in 2020 by posting a selfie with her own Biden-Harris cookies and has previously criticized Trump for his handling of the covid-19 pandemic.

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