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Hybrid power plant for ₴150 thousand and an inverter generator for change - in what sums Ukrainians cost "energy independence"?

Hybrid power plant for ₴150 thousand and an inverter generator for change - in what sums Ukrainians cost "energy independence"?
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Only in Kiev, the average duration of power outages reached 9 hours per day in June, and experts predict blackouts of up to 12 hours in winter according to the "base forecast."

In the Ukrainian Forbes, they investigated the increase in demand for generators, charging stations, and solar panels in Ukraine, as well as analyzed prices - here is a brief overview.

First, a bit of "shop" statistics:

  • In May, generator sales at Rozetka tripled compared to May 2023, and in the first decade of June, they increased by 5.5 times. The company also saw abnormal demand for charging stations and power banks - with sales growing by 10 and 8 times, respectively.
  • In the "Epicenter" network, generator sales increased by 2.4 times compared to March-April. In June, it was almost threefold.
  • In Comfy, generator sales this year have quadrupled, and a shortage is already beginning to be felt. Sales of charging stations have increased fivefold in the last year.
  • Ukrainians are actively buying solar panels - in May, sales of solar power plants (SPP) increased by 3.5 times, according to Rozetka. "Epicenter" and Yasno have also recently started selling panels.

According to the Director of Sales at the generator dealer company "Квітка" Pavel Royko, among the population, demand is led by 3-5 kW inverter generators (quieter and consistently maintain voltage) and 5-8 kW gasoline generators, while businesses buy diesel generators of various capacities.

In the GTM dealer company, the most purchased generators are "gasoline-gas" generators, which are often connected to the gas pipeline without permission, which is not very safe. As for prices, the simplest 1 kW gasoline generator can be purchased from 4,099 to 10,800 UAH, according to the e-katalog service.

Meanwhile, the cost of installing a hybrid solar power system (SPP) with a capacity of 3 kW on a private house can reach 150,000 UAH, according to the calculation by the company "Атмосфера."

As for the demand for charging stations, Ukrainians prefer well-known brands such as EcoFlow, Bluetti, and Anker. According to Rozetka, the most frequently purchased is the EcoFlow RIVER 2 (300 W / 256 Wh) - prices for models from this manufacturer in Ukraine start from 8,890 UAH, according to the Hotline service. Dmitriy Tanko, the Director of Retail Sales at "Epicenter," says that their network has seen increased interest in devices of 1-2 kW, which allow for lighting and the functioning of household appliances (refrigerator, television, router).

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