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UA Drone ID - drone recognition technology for the DELTA battle management system

UA Drone ID - drone recognition technology for the DELTA battle management system
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The UA DroneID technology will enhance the situation awareness system DELTA. It is a modern NATO-style combat system used by the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine. It allows to see the battlefield in real-time, exchange information within the unit, brigade, group, and if necessary, with allies. This will help prevent friendly fire against drones and better analyze their use against enemy targets.

The Ministry of Defense shared a brief update on the development of the innovative UA DroneID technology, which complemented the DELTA combat management system. The department signed a memorandum with the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the Aero Reconnaissance NGO, and CossackLabs. This was preceded by testing the system in combat conditions with combat drones and presenting the technology to NATO countries.

"Ukraine is the first country to confront robotized warfare. Continuous technological development will help increase the effectiveness of drones and remove humans from the battlefield."

The head of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov, called the development of UA DroneID "a unique example of military cooperation with civilians in the field of technology in the army." The UA DroneID system is designed to minimize friendly fire, save more Ukrainian drones to better use them against Russians and enemy equipment.

In late March, a new stage of development of the DELTA situation awareness system was launched, which involves the integration of various types of drones and tools for planning operators' work. Therefore, it is obvious that UA DroneID is just the first step, and more is to come.

Earlier, the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Strategic Industries, Anna Hvozdiar, stated that about 200 companies are currently manufacturing various types of drones, with around 60 enterprises involved in state orders. She also noted that as of early March, Ukraine produces about 150,000 drones monthly and plans to manufacture 2 million "birds" by the end of 2024.

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