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Huawei announced its own programming language Cangjie

Huawei announced its own programming language Cangjie
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During the HDC 2024 developer conference, Huawei introduced its own Cangjie programming language. This language is positioned as a next-generation solution for intelligent applications for all scenarios.

According to Huawei, Cangjie offers "native understanding, true multi-scenario, high performance, and efficient security." The programming language is integrated with the Huawei HarmonyOS ecosystem and provides a convenient development experience.

The key features of Cangjie include:

  • Native understanding: Cangjie boasts an embedded AgentDSL structure that combines natural language with programming language, enabling collaboration of multiple agents and simplified symbolic expressions.
  • Full capabilities: the language is designed to be lightweight and scalable, with modular construction for various scenarios. It also supports domain-driven development.
  • High performance: Cangjie has a new garbage collection system for smoother application flows and faster response times. Additionally, lightweight threads are said to improve concurrent performance.
  • Reliable security: security is built into the language architecture to help developers avoid security vulnerabilities.

Reportedly, Cangjie is a multi-paradigm language that supports functional, imperative, and object-oriented programming styles. It also includes features such as type definitions, generics, and pattern matching for development optimization.

For developers concerned about security, Cangjie offers a static type system and automatic memory management to ensure application stability. It also provides runtime checks to detect errors and inter-language security compatibility.

In terms of parallelism, Cangjie uses lightweight user-mode threads and concurrent objects libraries. These features are designed to simplify development and improve resource utilization.

The compiler and runtime environment are optimized to enhance efficiency, including high-level and internal compilation optimization, as well as runtime optimization. Additionally, Cangjie offers a comprehensive development toolkit, including debugging, static checking, performance analysis, and testing.

The preliminary version of Huawei Hongmeng HarmonyOS NEXT Cangjie is already available to interested developers.

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