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Fallout series: what happens if you call the number on the screen

Fallout series: what happens if you call the number on the screen
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In the sixth episode of the Amazon Prime series Fallout, viewers see a pre-war broadcast of Galaxy News, hosted by Cooper Howard (Walton Goggins). The broadcast takes place from the Vault-Tec Storage, where Howard gives a tour. He calls the room "sufficiently sturdy to withstand radiation and 'reds'."

This is advertising in the news for those who may decide to buy a spot in the Vault in case of a nuclear catastrophe. The host suggests the viewer to call Vault-Tec right now, and a phone number appears on the screen.

Journalist PC Gamer Christopher Livingston decided that he does not want to die during the end of the world or turn into a ghoul, so he called the on-screen number. He expected to hear something related to the world of Fallout, but the Easter egg turned out to be... not very clear.

Here's what you can hear if you call this number. Be warned, don't make the sound too loud. It seems that something went wrong with Vault-Tec's plans. Because from the speaker came a scream, sounding like "AAAAA!". As known from the Fallout games, the Vaults turned out to be not very safe for the most part.

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