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Have you seen the AAAA game yet? "We're going to have AAAAAA" - CD Projekt Red

Have you seen the AAAA game yet? "We're going to have AAAAAA" - CD Projekt Red
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CD Projekt Red mocked the AAAA label that Ubisoft assigned to its game Skull and Bones. The Polish studio says their game will be AAAAA.

AAA is a common label given to blockbuster games by large companies. The label is marketing jargon and usually does not have clear criteria, at best it gives an idea of the game's budget and should convince customers that it is a very good game.

Ubisoft tried to use a similar trick when earlier this year they released their pirate game for multiple players, Skull and Bones. The company's CEO Yves Guillemot called the game a AAAA release to justify its $70 price tag - an argument that many disagree with.

The topic of a large number of A letters arose in a recent chat with questions and answers with CD Projekt Red's Vice President of Investor Relations Karolina Gnas. She was jokingly asked if the company will release games "only" as AAA compared to Ubisoft's label. "Ours will be AAAAA," Gnas replied.

On a more serious note, CD Projekt Red also revealed that The Witcher 4 will introduce "gameplay elements and new mechanics" that were not present in the original trilogy. There isn't much information available yet about the upcoming game - not even its confirmed title. Some information about Cyberpunk 2 has also surfaced.

Source: Games Radar

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