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Electronic Arts examines ad placement in AAA games - $70 pre-order won't save you from it

Electronic Arts examines ad placement in AAA games - $70 pre-order won't save you from it
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The CEO of Electronic Arts, Andrew Wilson, has confirmed that the company is considering the possibility of placing advertisements in AAA games - which players typically purchase in advance for around $70. Eric Sheridan of Goldman Sachs asked Wilson about in-game ads, to which he replied: "Advertising has the potential to become a significant growth driver for us... We have internal teams in the company that are working on very thoughtful implementations in our games."

Advertising in games is expected against the backdrop of increasing investments in the gaming industry. Some players consider ads distracting, but others perceive them calmly if they are placed naturally and unobtrusively - not in your face, not blocking game content, and not interrupting gameplay. However, most games do without them. Their appearance will generally be unusual for players and is unlikely to cause their delight. In the history of computer games, there have been few instances of in-game advertising, although attempts to add it have not stopped since the 1970s.

EA has had a few cases of bad in-game advertising in its history. In 2020, the company placed full-screen in-game advertising for the series The Boys in UFC 4. Players reacted very poorly to this - the ads interfered with the game and were soon removed.

EA's Need for Speed: Underground 2 from 2004 is known for its in-game advertising, placed on billboards throughout the open world. Some claim that this even adds realism to it. The billboards featured real companies such as Best Buy, Burger King, and Cingular.

They also tried advertising in Need for Speed Carbon and Battlefield 2142. In 2008, EA's Burnout Paradise game featured political advertising about Barack Obama, then a candidate for the US presidential election.

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