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Cut content from The Witcher 3: The Boat Race has returned to the game

Cut content from The Witcher 3: The Boat Race has returned to the game
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With the release of the official modification tool for The Witcher 3 REDkit, enthusiasts continue to find and restore cut content from the game. Recently, a large cut piece of the Witcher 3 finale was restored, and now the deleted boat races have been returned to the game.

The modder Mersey Rockoff found audio and text files for a short series of quests where Geralt could participate in boat races and set out to recreate them. According to the enthusiast, all dialogues, characters, messages, and journal entries presented in the mod were originally written by CDPR, and he merely reintroduced them into the game using REDkit. This means that the "Boat Races" mod has seamless integration into "The Witcher 3." Geralt fully voices conversations with race organizers and local residents about the competitions, as well as eavesdrops on relevant gossip on the street.

In the race itself, players can choose between Novigrad or Redania, which sponsor four tournaments: "Novigrad Regatta," "Oxenfurt Regatta," "Helm Dash," and "Rally of Sunken Ships." In each of them, the witcher races between burning wooden checkpoints, and in case of victory, awaits a pile of money and experience points.

To install the Boat Races mod, place the modBoatRaces folder in the Mods subdirectory of The Witcher 3, and the dlcBoatRaces folder in the game's DLC folder. Then, as always, run Script Merger to check for conflicts, and you can start the competitions.

Source: PC Gamer

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