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AMD talked about Strix Point processors: Zen 5, RDNA 3+ and XDNA 2 in 2024

AMD talked about Strix Point processors: Zen 5, RDNA 3+ and XDNA 2 in 2024
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At the event in China, AMD shared plans for the PC ecosystem with artificial intelligence and next-generation processors. Ryzen Hawk Point series 8040 processors, desktop solutions 8000G, and AMD's plans for next-generation Ryzen processors were presented at the Beijing Innovation Summit. Strix Point chips will combine Zen 5, RDNA 3+, and XDNA 2 architectures.

CEO AMD Lisa Su began her presentation with the topic of artificial intelligence, also talking quite a bit about Hawk Point, and then showed a slide of the Next-Gen AMD Ryzen under the codename Strix Point.

Next up was AMD's Senior Vice President of Graphics Processor Development David Wong, who delved a little deeper into the new RDNA 3+ and XDNA 2 architectures. He mainly talked about the current generation of Hawk Point. The official name RDNA 3+ was mentioned, which was previously often referred to as RDNA 3.5 - the series of video chips, sometimes identified as GFX115X, will be called RDNA 3+. The lack of a version number change may indicate only minor changes in the familiar RDNA 3 architecture in future Hawk Point processors.

Regarding XDNA 2, it became known that the new NPU will offer three times the performance compared to XDNA. Currently, the AMD Ryzen 8040 series provides 16 NPU TOPS and 39 overall TOPS. A quick calculation shows that the next generation Ryzen should provide over 70 total TOPS. The Intel Core Ultra series provides up to 34 TOPS, and Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite chips are supposedly capable of up to 45 TOPS.

AMD Strix Point processors will be launched and released later this year. In 2024, they will compete with Intel Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake chips, which are expected to provide three times greater artificial intelligence performance due to GPU and NPU enhancements.

Source: Tom's Hardware

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