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Watch out, YouTube - TikTok is testing uploading 60-minute videos

TikTok has started testing the upload of long-hour videos, which YouTube is unlikely to like. The feature is available in a limited number of countries, but will not become widely available in the near future, according to company sources (via TechCr...

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YouTube blocked Sternenko's old video with Russian prisoners from being shown on Russian territory - at the request of Roskomnadzor

The issue is about a video showing Russian soldiers surrendering, published on the channel of journalist and activist Sergey Sternenko back in 2022. What's most interesting is that the video was blocked due to a complaint from Roskomnadzor — so esse...

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YouTube stopped showing recommendations after logging out of your Google account and in incognito mode

Instead, users are shown a home page without videos and viewing recommendations. Previously, recommendations on YouTube were shown even in anonymous mode or after signing out of Google account, but now users are simply shown the platform's home page ...

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