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Durov in an interview with Carlson: on preserving Telegram's neutrality, FBI pressure, Ilon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg

Today, the same interview with Telegram founder Pavel Durov was released, taken by the famous propagandist Tucker Carlson. As expected, it was a continuous stream of Telegram self-promotion and of course Durov's "heroic struggle" alongside Elon Musk ...

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Durov interviewed Tucker Carlson, who now also has a channel on Telegram

Telegram founder Pavel Durov announced a new interview with Tucker Carlson, an American pro-Russian propagandist who recently interviewed Putin for the social network X (Twitter) Elon Musk. Previously, the propagandist, who was expelled from Fox News...

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Telegram achieved positive cash flow in the first quarter and expects to turn a profit this year

Telegram is actively adding new users and by the end of the year could well become a billionaire. Telegram founder Pavel Durov said that the messenger ended the last quarter with a positive cash flow and the company expects to become profitable by t...

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