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Epic is asking for an injunction against Apple's App Store because external payments are still anti-competitive there

Epic Games is not done litigating against Apple. The 2021 decision forced Apple to allow app developers from the App Store to reference external payment systems, and now Epic has filed a motion to the judge to enforce this decision. Epic argues that...

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Disappointing revenue statistics for 30k mobile apps explains why developers continue to push for subscriptions

It is expected that next year mobile application developers will aggressively promote the right to use by subscription. Figures from RevenueCat, which analyzed more than 30,000 applications, show that the majority of them are trying to achieve a reve...

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OpenAI has called Ilon Musk's accusations "incoherent"

OpenAI stated that there is no Founders' Agreement or any other agreement with Musk, as a response to Elon Musk's lawsuit. The accusations concern the violation of the non-profit organization status, as well as the violation of the founding agreement...

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