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OpenAI has called Ilon Musk's accusations "incoherent"

OpenAI has called Ilon Musk's accusations "incoherent"
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OpenAI stated that there is no Founders' Agreement or any other agreement with Musk, as a response to Elon Musk's lawsuit. The accusations concern the violation of the non-profit organization status, as well as the violation of the founding agreement, which allegedly promised that the organization will never work for profit and will release its AI publicly.

The company said that the billionaire's claims are based on "convoluted - often unrelated - factual premises." It called the founding agreement "fiction that Musk invented to undeservingly claim the fruits of the enterprise he initially supported, and then left, only to watch as it flourishes without him," as reported by Engadget.

If the matter goes to court, evidence will emerge that, according to OpenAI, Musk supported turning OpenAI into a commercial entity "that will be controlled by Musk himself." In addition, the billionaire allegedly stopped supporting the project when his ideas were not realized. This statement aligns with the company's blog post earlier this month, in which allegedly emails between Musk and the organization were published. Based on these correspondences, Musk knew and supported turning OpenAI into a commercial organization. He even wanted to have full control over it as CEO and have a majority stake. Musk also agreed to the proposal to join the organization with Tesla, so the automaker could provide funding. Ultimately, the parties did not reach an agreement, and Musk ceased his involvement.

Watching the significant technological achievements of OpenAI, Musk now wants to achieve the same success for himself. Musk claims that he is filing this lawsuit for humanity, while the truth, obvious even from Musk's contradictory statements, is that he is filing it to promote his own commercial interests.

- from OpenAI statement.

Last year, Musk introduced his own artificial intelligence company called xAI with a rather high goal - "to understand the true nature of the Universe." The billionaire announced that xAI is going to open-source the code of its chatbot Grok. Although this could have been a reproach towards OpenAI, the open-source code of Grok could also help his company receive feedback from the developer community, which xAI could use to improve its technology.

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