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Ukrainian developers have created Ratel Deminer - a machine for remote demining

Ukrainian developers have created Ratel Deminer - a machine for remote demining
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Ukrainian manufacturers, who previously introduced the ground robots Ratel S and Ratel M, have developed Ratel Deminer - a demining machine that can remotely neutralize antipersonnel mines.

This was reported in Telegram by the Minister of Digital Transformation, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov.

"Ratel Deminer is a mine detector that finds and neutralizes antipersonnel mines. It operates remotely, thus saving the lives of military personnel. The system is equipped with a daylight video channel and is capable of destroying mines such as PFM-1, PMN-4, PMN-3, and PMN-2," Fedorov said.

It is reported that the developers have already conducted tests of the machine during humanitarian demining of antipersonnel mines near Sviatohor in Donetsk region.

Ratel Deminer has been assigned the status of BRV1, which means that the development has been defined as a priority for the Security and Defense Forces. Currently, the system is being refined and its capabilities are being increased.

This is not the first development from this manufacturer to reach the Brave1 stage. The ground robots Ratel S and Ratel M have been codified and are actively used in the armed forces.

Recently, the Lithuanian startup Broswarm received $100,000 for demining Ukraine with drones.

The investments allow the Broswarm team to continue developing technology for multisensor sensors for remote detection of small mines and other explosive objects. Before launching the project to the market, Broswarm plans to conduct a series of field tests in Ukraine.

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