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Gilat SkyEdge satellite systems manufactured in Ukraine were massively supplied to Russia -

Gilat SkyEdge satellite systems manufactured in Ukraine were massively supplied to Russia -
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According to data from "Slidstvo.Info", Gilat SkyEdge satellite communication systems, produced in Ukraine, were supplied to Russia in tens of thousands. The plant of the American company Jabil Circuit in Uzhgorod produced systems for the Israeli Gilat Satellite.

According to customs declarations accessed by journalists, in 2023, around 22 thousand systems were imported into Russia for approximately $5 million. In 2022, equipment worth $840 thousand was sent to Russia. There is also ample evidence of Russians using these systems on the front lines. The Gilat satellite communication systems are widely sold in Russia, particularly noted for their suitability for local needs.

Gilat satellite systems work with Russian satellite networks "Yamal" and "Express" based on satellite TV principles- antennas need to be pointed towards a stationary satellite. For Russian occupants, such systems, along with having their own satellites, are considered more secure in terms of tracking and interception, essentially better in this aspect than Starlink.

As claimed by investigators, for over 20 years, Gilat Satellite Networks has been aiding Russians in developing satellite communication and is a partner with major mobile operators in Russia, as well as involved in military and police communication. Russians are still purchasing Gilat systems this year.

Systems manufactured in Uzhgorod were supplied to Russia from Israel and Turkey, with Ukraine listed as the country of origin. The company also delivered equipment to Russia from the Philippines (around 16 thousand sets known). The full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia did not halt the deliveries — on the contrary, the number of orders increased significantly.

A significant portion of products from the Uzhgorod Jabil Circuit plant are exported to Hungary. It should be noted that with the start of the invasion, Jabil, unlike Gilat, withdrew from Russia, including the closure of existing production facilities. Also declared is the absence of exports from the Uzhgorod enterprise to Russia — contradicting existing facts. It was actually a Russian customs broker who indicated Ukraine as the country of origin according to information confirmed by the sender.

Interestingly, Gilat Satellite Networks also fulfills military orders for the USA. In February 2024, the American subsidiary company Gilat received an order for portable satellite communication concentrators worth $10 million.

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