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The NAZC launched a website about foreign equipment that Russia uses for weapons manufacturing

The NAZC launched a website about foreign equipment that Russia uses for weapons manufacturing
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The National Security and Defense Council launched a unified open database of foreign equipment used by Russia to produce its own weapons - the "Tools of War" special reference site is already available as a separate section of the site at this link.

It is no secret that despite numerous sanctions, Russia has access to Western technologies and components. Moreover, for the second year of full-scale war against Ukraine, Russia is increasing the volumes of its own weapons production, which are killing Ukrainians and destroying entire cities. An unprecedented number of sanctions, unfortunately, do not prevent Russian terrorists from continuing to obtain the necessary foreign equipment and parts for missile production. Unfortunately, to this day, a large number of Western companies continue to operate in Russia, supporting the economy of the aggressor country and the production of weapons, not to mention loopholes and complex schemes that allow sanctions to be circumvented. It is precisely today that the EU Council approved the 13th package of sanctions against Russia, while the US, for its part, announced the introduction of over 500 new sanction measures.

The goal of the new initiative is to create a single directory of foreign equipment used by Russia for weapon production.

*Over the past 20 years, the majority of Russian weapons have been or are still being produced on equipment from countries of the sanction coalition and their allies, as the aggressors themselves usually lack the necessary experience, expertise, material-technical and technological support.

More than 270 units of various foreign equipment have already been published in the new "Tools of War" module - according to the National Security and Defense Council, there are no such open directories in the world. Detailed information about the foreign equipment used by Russian and other military enterprises for weapon and military equipment production can be found in just a few clicks using filters In particular, the database includes:

  • brands of foreign equipment that are still entering the RF;
  • models of individual machines and their technical characteristics;
  • sub-sanctioned Russian manufacturers using foreign equipment, as well as their lethal products.

The new module complements the unified database of foreign components in weapons that the National Security and Defense Council had previously launched. It is intended to strengthen export control by international partners and help track supply chains of dual-use and military goods to deprive Russia and other sub-sanctioned regimes of the ability to use high-precision foreign equipment for their own weapon production.

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