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Tesla faces lawsuit over Autopilot's role in deadly 2018 crash

Tesla faces lawsuit over Autopilot's role in deadly 2018 crash
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Soon in the USA there will be a court case regarding an accident involving a Tesla car that led to a death almost 6 years ago. The court will be held in California on March 18 and will determine whether Tesla company and its driver assistance software are responsible for the fatal accident.

In March 2018, Wei "Walter" Huang died after his electric vehicle Model X with the Autopilot system activated crashed into a barrier along Highway 101 in Mountain View, California. Later, an investigation conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board found that the accident was caused by the autopilot and driver distraction, as phone records indicated that Huang was playing a mobile game.

However, in 2019, Huang's family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Tesla, claiming that at the time the car did not have proper safety features, including automatic braking.

Prior to this, Tesla has faced multiple lawsuits over its driver assistance features. But it has never been found guilty. Last year, the automaker won two lawsuits accusing Autopilot of being involved in two accidents: a fatal "driverless" crash and another fatal accident in 2019, where the driver of a Model 3 died.

However, in recent months, US federal regulators have increased scrutiny of Tesla, as in October the Department of Justice expanded its criminal investigation into Autopilot features. Tesla also announced a recall of 2 million Tesla cars and released an update intended to make it harder for drivers to misuse Autopilot. But experts found that the fixes mostly do not meet the requirements.

Source: The Verge

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