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Tascombank winds down sportsbank project - from today the neobank does not accept new clients and closes the application from May 12

Tascombank winds down sportsbank project - from today the neobank does not accept new clients and closes the application from May 12
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SportBank operated under the license of AO "TASKOMBANK" of Sergey Tigipko, so all customers are automatically considered to be clients of this institution and will be served there in the future.

Updated, 17.04, 17:20: Comment from sportbank representatives has been added.

As noted by the press service of Taskombank, the reason for the closure of sportbank was "changes in the external environment requiring adjustments to the bank's business model and overall strategy."

Starting April 17, sportbank will no longer attract new customers or offer new products through the same application (it will still be operational until May 12). All products of sportbank users will be automatically transferred and available in the TAS2U application (which needs to be downloaded or updated in advance to display the services).

As noted by Forbes, at the end of February, the accounts of the enterprises "Divotek" and "DT Network," which owned the sportbank brand, were arrested — prior to this, in January, detectives from the State Bureau of Investigations conducted searches in the office of sportbank, suspecting the non-bank of cooperating with Russian business and companies Parimatch,, and PariWin, which evaded paying taxes. In March, the sportbank press service announced that law enforcement authorities "do not see any violations of the law in the activities of sportbank and its founders."

Representatives of sportbank noted in their comment that last year they agreed with Taskombank that the transition of the project to a new bank would be gradual and stress-free for clients, and the migration would be completed by May 2024. At the same time, the new partner declined cooperation because "the reputation of sportbank suffered from pressure from the State Bureau of Investigations in the form of searches, interrogations, and account blocking."

"Sportbank found itself in a situation where the relationship with TASKOMBANK is already ending, and there is nowhere to migrate, which automatically leads the project to closure. This will in no way worsen the financial position of our clients – none of them will lose money or the opportunity to use the banking products they have chosen for themselves. To facilitate this, we have released instructions that will help clients simply switch to other applications."

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