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Surface Laptop - Microsoft's own Arm laptop with 22 hours of battery life and a price starting at $1,000

Surface Laptop - Microsoft's own Arm laptop with 22 hours of battery life and a price starting at $1,000
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Simultaneously with the presentation of the Copilot+ PC brand, the Microsoft corporation also announced its own laptop within this concept. The new Surface Laptop is a laptop based on Arm architecture for consumers. It has one major difference from the Surface Laptop 6 for Business announced in March - it is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip instead of an Intel Core Ultra. The company hopes that this transition will level the playing field with powerful and efficient Apple MacBook laptops.

The new Microsoft Surface Laptop is offered in models with 13.8 and 15-inch display diagonals. The maximum brightness is 600 nits. The company claims that the novelty is "80% faster than our previous generation" and offers "up to 22 hours of local video playback". The laptop has a tactile touch panel. Unlike the MacBook Air, Microsoft stated that the device will support three 4K monitors - in addition to its own display.

The configuration may include a Qualcomm Snapdragon X Plus or Elite processor, from 16 to 64 GB of RAM, and a storage capacity from 256 GB to 1 TB. The device is equipped with a touchscreen display, Wi-Fi 7 wireless communication module, and Copilot button. The Copilot + PC system provides access to the Recall feature, which allows users to search for information in places such as programs, documents, and folders, using Copilot. The Surface Laptop will provide access to native versions of Adobe flagship programs: Photoshop, Lightroom, Firefly, and Express are already available, and Illustrator and Premiere Pro will be available later in June. Microsoft says that Copilot+ PC systems will receive Windows AI features sooner than their Intel counterparts.

The price of the Microsoft Surface Laptop starts at $999 for the 13.8-inch model and $1199.99 for the 15-inch version. The new product is already available for pre-order, and actual sales will begin on June 18.

Source: The Verge

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