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Nvidia has launched Omniverse's "digital twin" technology on the Apple Vision Pro

Nvidia has launched Omniverse's "digital twin" technology on the Apple Vision Pro
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Omniverse is a corporate platform from Nvidia that allows developers to create digital copies of objects and locations, as well as analyze how they will look or behave in the real world.

For example, you can create a digital copy of a factory in a digital space before its construction, to determine how and where the workers will be located. Using individual sensors that collect data about the operation of the enterprise, developers can also modify the simulation for greater accuracy, which can save companies a lot of money.

Now developers will be able to use Omniverse tools in AR/VR settings via the Apple Vision Pro headset. The new software foundation, built on the Omniverse Cloud API, makes it easy to send universal scene descriptions to program environments for creating content in the Nvidia Graphics Delivery Network - a global network of data processing centers supporting graphics that can deliver an enhanced 3D experience on Apple Vision Pro (this is the network that Nvidia created for the GeForce Now cloud gaming network).

"Apple Vision Pro is the first untethered device that allows corporate customers to do their work without compromises," said Rev Lebaredean, Nvidia's vice president of modeling, in a statement.

In the demonstration, Nvidia showed an interactive digital twin of a car reproduced on the high-resolution display of the Apple Vision Pro, with a configurator program developed by the CGI Katana studio on the Omniverse platform. In addition to being able to switch between the color and finish parameters of the car or even enter it, you can enlarge or reduce its size without compromising the quality (usually, the quality of visual images on Apple Vision Pro is limited due to the amount of memory - 8 or 16 GB).

Source: venturebeat

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