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MPs propose to regulate Telegram and other information sharing platforms

MPs propose to regulate Telegram and other information sharing platforms
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A group of deputies registered a new bill No. 11115 in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine aimed at regulating the Telegram messenger.

The document is entitled "Draft Law on Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine Regarding the Regulation of Platforms for Joint Access to Information through which Mass Information is Distributed." Although the title refers to the regulation of "platforms" (in plural), the explanatory note focuses specifically on Telegram, which has become a source of news for many Ukrainians:

"In terms of usage for obtaining news, the platform for joint access to information Telegram exceeds YouTube (the most popular video access platform) by 4.5 times - 72% compared to 16% respectively. Obviously, a platform that 72% of Ukrainians use to obtain information should be regulated no less than other sources of mass information with significantly lower coverage."

Members of Parliament want to introduce similar regulation for the Telegram messenger as is established by legislation for platforms like YouTube. If the bill is passed, platforms for joint access to information will be required to:

  • post terms of use and prohibit the dissemination of information that violates Ukrainian law;
  • provide users with the ability to file complaints and address such grievances;
  • restrict the distribution of illegal content at the demand of the National Council;
  • inform the National Council about ownership structure and sources of funding upon request;
  • not process children's personal data for commercial purposes;
  • ensure presence in Ukraine or the EU of a platform representative.

If platforms fail to meet the specified requirements or have opaque ownership structures, they will be prohibited from being used by state and financial institutions. They will also be banned from installing software from these providers on official devices.

The National Council will publish a list of platforms not recommended on its website.

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