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Joel Schrödinger - Helldivers 2 players have discerned a cheating trail in a recent viral APC video

Joel Schrödinger - Helldivers 2 players have discerned a cheating trail in a recent viral APC video
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Remember Joel, the master of Helldivers 2, capable of influencing the course of intergalactic struggle for democracy? Well, recently players of this sensational cooperative action game found themselves in a rather curious situation.

Helldivers 2 players are sure to have seen the recent video with the unexpected appearance of the demiurge Joel in the midst of a fierce battle, where he provided players with an unreleased vehicle for rescue and then suddenly disappeared. The video quickly went viral, so it is likely that not only those who know him saw it, but also those who do not know him - judging by the numerous messages in social networks "Who is Joel" and the wave of memes/jokes around lively discussions. Here's the video:

The story continued: it turned out it wasn't exactly Joel, but rather one of the other Joels who pretend to be the real game master. It is quite possible that the other Joels - just the usual antics of PC cheaters who entertain themselves and create clones as best they can. But there is another (speculative-conspiratorial) version - they say that all these other Joels are actually part of the cunning master plan of the real Joel. What do you think, which of these versions do you find more plausible - or maybe you have your own?

Top-10 games by number of active players on Steam. Source: SteamDB

As for Helldivers 2, Arrowhead's game continues to be at the top of the most popular on Steam and remains one of the best-selling releases of 2024 - sales of the cooperative shooter have already exceeded 8 million copies and interest in it "continues to grow every week," reported analyst TD Cowen one and a half weeks ago.

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