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In the first quarter Ukrainians bought 75% more cars from China, most of all - Volkswagen ID.4

In the first quarter Ukrainians bought 75% more cars from China, most of all - Volkswagen ID.4
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Chinese-made electric vehicles continue to reshape the landscape of the automobile-electric vehicle market in Ukraine - you can see for yourself by looking at the latest statistics from Ukravtoprom for the most popular models in the first quarter of 2014.

During January-March 2024, Ukrainians purchased about 4.2 thousand Chinese-made passenger cars - 75% more than in the same period in 2023. Out of this quantity: new - almost 3 thousand units (+114%); used - about 1.2 thousand units (+21%).

And here you can highlight three key points:

  • In the first quarter, Chinese-origin cars accounted for 18% of the market for new passenger cars in Ukraine.
  • The vast majority of cars from China were electric vehicles - 85%.
  • In the segment of used cars, which were first registered in Ukraine, the share of "Chinese" cars was 2%.

The undisputed sales leader in Ukraine remains the electric crossover Volkswagen ID.4, despite the fact that it is not officially sold here yet. More details can be found here. Also, among the top 3 new cars, the bestsellers Honda e:NS1 and BYD Song Plus consistently hold their positions.

The most popular Chinese cars in Ukraine for the first quarter

Top 5 most popular new models of Chinese-origin passenger cars in Ukraine in Q1 2024

1. Volkswagen ID.4 - 750 units;
2. Honda e:NS1 (base - Honda HR-V) - 255 units;
3. BYD Song Plus - 227 units;
4. Nissan Ariya - 189 units;
5. Geely Atlas Pro - 164 units.

Top 5 most popular used passenger cars from China in Q1 2024

1. Volkswagen ID.4 - 350 units;
2. Nissan Ariya - 103 units;
3. Honda eNS1 - 99 units;
4. Toyota bZ4X - 70 units;
5. Volkswagen ID.6 - 48 units.

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In 2023, around 14.2 million electric cars were sold worldwide (10 million BEVs + 4.2 million PHEV/EREV) - 16% of the total sales volume, and by the end of 2023, the global electric car park counted around 40 million actively operating electric cars (70% - BEV, and the remaining 30% - PHEV). It is expected that in 2024, global sales of electric vehicles will reach 17.8 million units (+25% compared to 2023), and their share will increase to 25%. At the same time, BEV sales will increase to 12.8 million. Another interesting fact is that in March, the fleet of electric vehicles in Ukraine exceeded 100 thousand - contributing to the increased demand, among other things, is the low cost of electricity and tax benefits - zero customs duty and no VAT (currently only excise tax - €1 per kWh battery capacity).

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