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Ilon Musk continues to fight bots: X (Twitter) will introduce paid subscriptions for new accounts

Ilon Musk continues to fight bots: X (Twitter) will introduce paid subscriptions for new accounts
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Political ads on X/Twitter turned out to be insufficient, and money is needed, so the previously announced "small fee" for entry for new users is being rolled out to the general public.

Initially, users noticed the expansion of a new subscription level with an annual cost of $1, which was introduced as a test in New Zealand and the Philippines at the end of 2023, and then Musk himself confirmed the changes and shared additional details of the new model. Billionaire responded to another user that the "small fee" for new accounts to be able to post messages on the platform is "the only effective way to curb the unchecked advance of bots" that currently easily bypass the "humanity" test. Musk also assured in another post that even without a subscription, new users will be able to view messages and videos, as well as follow other users. After three months of registration, the ability to post will be unlocked automatically without paying. Previously registered accounts will not need to pay a new fee for Musk's fight against bots, but this is not certain.

A code fragment from the X app confirms the upcoming changes to the usage model with a paid subscription for new accounts:

"Pay for a subscription to unlock the ability to post and interact with others' posts. New unverified users must pay a small annual fee to start taking any actions: posting updates, liking posts, making reposts, adding posts to favorites, and commenting on others' posts. This is necessary to reduce the number of bots and spam for a better experience for everyone. Without paying for a subscription, you can track other accounts and view X."

The exact launch date of the paid subscription for new accounts is still unknown. It is also unclear whether the price will remain at $1. Remember, under Elon Musk's effective management, the social network X/Twitter lost major advertisers and gained a reputation as the garbage cans of the largest Russian propaganda, bots, disinformation, antisemitism, and more.

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