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Google Pixel 9 is likely to get a satellite SOS feature similar to Apple's solution

Google Pixel 9 is likely to get a satellite SOS feature similar to Apple's solution
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According to Android Authority, Google is planning to add a new feature to its future mobile devices that resembles Apple's emergency call feature. Allegedly, smartphones in the Pixel 9 series and the next Pixel Fold will receive this feature. It is reported that Google will collaborate with T-Mobile to offer this feature, but may add other partners later.

Satellite communication will allow future Pixel smartphone owners to send text messages, but not make calls. In addition, a special application called Satellite Gateway will allow easy communication with emergency services using the Emergency SOS feature. This feature will prompt users with a series of questions to determine what is happening. The devices will display animations to help users set up the phone for satellite communication.

According to available information, the Emergency SOS feature will ask the following questions:

  • What happened?
  • Is [you / they / everyone] breathing?
  • In general, how many people are [missing/trapped]?
  • What best describes your situation?
  • What is on fire?
  • Is there any involvement of weapons?
  • What type of vehicle or vessel?
  • Is any of this applicable?

Over a year ago, T-Mobile announced a partnership with SpaceX to create a satellite messaging exchange service, but did not mention the price, and as of January, it was still in the testing phase. Last year, a developer noticed code in Google Messages indicating that this feature was already in development, with Garmin as the provider. Garmin offers a service for its InReach devices for two-way satellite messaging using the Iridium satellite network, which can reach "any point on Earth."

However, regardless of whether it is offered by T-Mobile or Garmin, this feature may not necessarily be free. For example, the Garmin service costs $15 per month. Although Apple currently subsidizes its services, so Google may do the same.

Source: The Verge

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