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Google Pixel 8A is likely to get a brighter 120Hz display

Google Pixel 8A is likely to get a brighter 120Hz display
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The insider Camilla Wojciechowska shared new details about the future Google Pixel 8A smartphone. It is expected that this device will receive a display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz (compared to 90 Hz on the Pixel 7A) and increased brightness.

Wojciechowska claims that the next model in the lineup of budget Pixel phones will have 1400 nits peak brightness, compared to 1000 nits on the 7A, as well as limited support for DisplayPort output through USB-C. At the same time, there is no expected improvement in the camera, as it is said that Google will move last year's cameras to the 8A.

Previous leaks suggested that the Pixel 8A will have updated rounded corners, like the Pixel 8, and the Tensor G3 chip. The smartphone will retain a 6.1-inch display size, like the 7A. Wojciechowska's new publication confirms these previous leaks. The Pixel 8A models are also attributed with 256 GB of internal storage. In aggregate, all these changes, according to rumors, can make the Pixel 8A similar to a smaller and cheaper version of the Pixel 8.

Google has provided Pixel 8 versions with access to fewer AI features than the Pixel 8 Pro. Wojciechowska says that the Tensor G3 processor in the new 8A will be hotter than the G3 that powers the Pixel 8. Therefore, the question arises, how many artificial intelligence features will be available to owners of the cheaper phone. Could it be that the affordable Pixel 8A will become a more interesting purchase than the standard Pixel 8?

As expected, the official announcement of the Pixel 8A smartphone will take place during the Google I/O 2024 conference scheduled for May 14.

Source: The Verge

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