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German HIMARS - Rheinmetall to present GMARS MLRS at Eurosatory 2024 exhibition

German HIMARS - Rheinmetall to present GMARS MLRS at Eurosatory 2024 exhibition
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German company Rheinmetall and Pentagon supplier Lockheed Martin are preparing to present the German analogue of HIMARS - GMARS, a global mobile artillery rocket system at the Eurosatory 2024 exhibition. GMARS offers precise and economically efficient fire support at distances of hundreds of kilometers.

The GMARS system is a universal reactive volley fire system with two rocket containers. The installation is designed in response to the growing demand for long-range reactive artillery. The collaboration project between Rheinmetall and Lockheed Martin, which began in 2023, is ready to present the results.

Advantages of GMARS

  • High maneuverability, ability to fire on the move
  • Spacious cabin for three crew members
  • Quick installation without mounting equipment
  • Fast reload in any weather conditions
  • Inertial navigation and GPS support at short and long distances
  • Target planning support considering time
  • Compatibility of components with M270 / HIMARS and mobile platforms HX
  • Rheinmetall 8x8 chassis capable of covering long distances, similar to the HX family in service with the German army

The installation is compatible with all ammunition for HIMARS and M270, including ATACMS missiles and their more modern long-range successor PrSM. An inexpensive rocket for a range of 22 km and an over 370 km naval rocket are also being developed for GMARS.

Launcher Specifications

  • Dimensions - 9.8 x 2.5 x 3.9 m
  • Weight without ammunition - 31,140 kg
  • Maximum weight - up to 40 tons
  • Speed - up to 100 km/h
  • Operating range - 700 km

At Eurosatory 2024, Rheinmetall also plans to present the air defense tower Skyranger 35 on the Leopard 2 chassis, as well as the air defense Lynx KF41 Skyranger 30 and the wheeled air defense tank Boxer Skyranger 30. There is also expected to be a communication system Digitalized Brigade, including the Gladius 2.0 soldier complex and Tactical Core interaction platform; the Natter family of weapon stations, the armed systems Hero LM, the 81 mm mortar combat complex Dual Eimos, systems for protecting military equipment from air threats, as well as various transport platforms. The Eurosatory 2024 exhibition will take place from June 17 to 21, 2024 in Paris.

Source: Rheinmetall

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