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Apple sues ex-iOS engineer who 'leaked' data about Vision Pro and other products to journalists

Apple sues ex-iOS engineer who 'leaked' data about Vision Pro and other products to journalists
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Former iOS software engineer Andrew Oad is accused of leaking information about more than a dozen Apple policies and products - including the Journal app and Vision Pro headset.

"Mr. Oad often took and saved screenshots of his messages on his work iPhone to save them for posterity," the lawsuit referenced by 9to5mac said.

It is reported that Oad also allegedly sent "thousands of messages" to journalists at The Information and The Wall Street Journal.

"According to data from his work iPhone issued by Apple, Mr. Oad had over 1400 encrypted communications with just one WSJ journalist over a four-month period," the Apple lawsuit says. "He also sent more than 10,000 text messages from his work iPhone to The Information journalist and traveled across the continent to meet her."

The complaint provides several examples of collaboration:

Around April 2023, Mr. Oad read over the phone to a WSJ journalist (referred to as "Homeboy") an email with the final feature list for an unannounced Apple app. He did this despite the email being marked as "confidential" and Apple having only one chance to make a "first impression."

This example and the above-mentioned screenshot showing timestamp details clearly reference Aaron Tillie's report from The Wall Street Journal. The article first revealed details about the Journal app and was published in April 2023.

In another example, a screenshot of Oad's work iPhone taken in October 2020 shows that he disclosed Apple product development in the "spatial computing" field (presumably regarding the future Vision Pro) to an outsider who does not work at the company.

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