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Apple iPad Pro will come with M4 processor, iPhone 16 will get A18 chip with AI - Mark Gurman

Apple iPad Pro will come with M4 processor, iPhone 16 will get A18 chip with AI - Mark Gurman
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According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the new iPad Pro will be equipped with the M4 processor, marking Apple's transition to devices with artificial intelligence. Earlier, he reported that Apple is accelerating the update of processors for computers and plans to release the M4 chip with new iMac, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini models this year. According to the journalist's latest information, the first device with the M4 chip could be the Apple iPad Pro.

There is a high probability that the iPad Pro will be released with the M4 chip, not the M3 as previously assumed. Apple will also position the tablet as its first device with artificial intelligence. The company needs to speed up to avoid falling further behind in the race for AI in portable devices, which competitors have already started.

An unveiling of the new iPad Pro on the eve of WWDC would help Apple focus attention on its artificial intelligence chip strategy. At WWDC, the company could concentrate on revealing the artificial intelligence capabilities that will be a part of iPadOS 18 later this year. Gurman hopes that Apple will introduce the A18 chip with artificial intelligence capabilities in the iPhone 16 lineup.

However, the journalist notes that the new device and processor are "not designed around AI" - this is largely a marketing element. According to him, hardware with more impressive capabilities will be released later.

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