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Ilon Musk continues to fight bots: X (Twitter) will introduce paid subscriptions for new accounts

Political ads on X/Twitter turned out to be insufficient, and money is needed, so the previously announced "small fee" for entry for new users is being rolled out to the general public. Initially, users noticed the expansion of a new subscription le...

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X is not Twitter. Musk's website automatically changes links from "" to "" so people finally get used to the new name

Sometimes it's easy to forget, but technically Twitter no longer exists. Last summer, Elon Musk changed the name of the company to "X." But: The main domain name of the social network is There are still several official pages on the pla...

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Modern websites have become so "bloated" that they are not pulled by budget smartphones capable of running PUBG

Simple page loading can cause crashes on budget phones that can easily handle the mobile version of PUBG with a speed of 40 frames per second, according to a report from For example, Wix requires loading 21 MB of data for one page, while...

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