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A cruise ship-sized asteroid will approach Earth - ESA probe flies toward it

The European Space Agency (ESA) plans to send the spacecraft "Ramses" to accompany the asteroid Apophis during its approach to our planet on April 13, 2029. The 375-meter diameter asteroid will pass at a distance of only 32,000 kilometers from Earth ...

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Mysterious Inca city on Mars attacked by 'black spiders' - what did satellite images really show?

Arachnophobes can rest easy - new ESA satellite images showing clusters of black spiders on Mars actually reveal a seasonal phenomenon familiar to the planet. Dark funnel-shaped formations were spotted in the city of Inca (southern polar region of Ma...

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European space agency ESA has sent a metal 3D printer from Airbus to the ISS

The European Space Agency ESA has sent the first metal 3D printer to the ISS, which will be used in space. The Cygnus NG-20 mission, carrying a 180 kg printer, launched on Tuesday and is expected to arrive at the ISS on Thursday. Astronaut Andreas M...

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