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OpenAI investor: TikTok is "programmed fentanyl" by Chinese communists to manipulate Americans

TikTok should be viewed as "another form of heavy Chinese weaponry," billionaire Vinod Khosla assures, who was one of the early sponsors of OpenAI. He supported the forced separation of the social networking platform TikTok from its Chinese parent c...

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TikTok CEO urges users in the US to "defend their constitutional rights" (and the platform at the same time)

Soon after that, the US House of Representatives banned TikTok, with the company's CEO, Shou Chu, calling on users to "defend their constitutional rights." Chu also hinted that TikTok would file a lawsuit if the bill is finally adopted. "We will not...

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US House of Representatives bans TikTok, bill sent to Senate

On Wednesday, March 13, the US House of Representatives supported a bill to ban TikTok in the United States. The project requires separating the video service from the Chinese parent company ByteDance within 6 months, and if this does not happen, Tik...

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