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Diablo head Rod Fergusson on the game's film adaptation: 'It could work'

Against the backdrop of the success of the Fallout series, people are increasingly thinking about the film adaptation of other games. Jennifer Young from Windows Central asked Rod Fergusson, head of the Diablo franchise, if it is possible to make the...

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Ex-Blizzard boss suggests tipping game developers - $10-20 towards a basic purchase

Mike Ybarra, who previously headed Blizzard, wrote on Twitter that sometimes he feels like paying a little more money for a game as a token of gratitude to its developers. He suggests that when purchasing a game, an additional option should appear t...

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Overwatch 2 heroes will become public ─ no more paid purchases and no more grind in the battle pass

Blizzard is finally simplifying the unlocking of new heroes in Overwatch 2. This is great news as players have regularly complained about how difficult it is to obtain new characters in this shooter. Currently, users get new heroes by paying for a b...

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