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Ukrainian team NAVI became the first ever world champion in Counter-Strike 2

Ukrainian team NAVI became the first ever world champion in Counter-Strike 2
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The Ukrainian esports team won in the final of the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 championship, defeating the Americans from FaZe Clan. As a result, NAVI became the first world champions in Counter-Strike 2.

The team won on two maps out of three. They played on bomb defusal maps: Ancient (Ukrainians won 13 to 9), Mirage (FaZe led 13-2 here), and Inferno (13 to 3 in favor of NaVi). The prize pool of the tournament is $1.25 million, with NaVi receiving $500,000 and FaZe $170,000.

In the first match of the qualifications, Natus Vincere defeated The Mongolz 13-10. They then beat G2 with a score of 13-11. In the last two qualification matches, NaVi lost to Spirit and Cloud9 with the same score of 1-2, but still advanced. In the quarter-finals of the tournament, the team beat Eternal Fire 2-0. They also defeated G2 in the semi-finals with a score of 2-1.

β€œTo fall asleep with the joy of the victory of your favorite team and wake up a few hours later to the sound of sirens and explosions – this is the reality for fans and staff of NAVI in Ukraine. We do everything to entertain you, but we ask you to remember what our country faces every day,” the team said in a statement.

This is NAVI's second victory at the championship, following their success in Stockholm in 2021. It is also the sixth final for the team. PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 is the first championship in history for CS2. The next one will take place in Shanghai in December of this year.

During the championship broadcast, Ukrainians raised 5.6 million for "Azov". The owner of NAVI promised to double the amount collected.

Sources: IT Ukraine, RBC-Ukraine,

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