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Samsung unveiled its first 61.44TB SSD - 122.88TB drives are already possible

Samsung unveiled its first 61.44TB SSD - 122.88TB drives are already possible
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Samsung has released its first SSD with a capacity of 61.44 TB. This high-capacity solid-state drive is intended for corporate use, not for regular consumers. Samsung says that thanks to its new controller, SSDs of 122.88 TB can be manufactured. Previously, the company's models were limited to 32 TB.

The company has created the QLC Samsung BM1743 drive using 176-layer NAND memory, the seventh generation of its 3D NAND technology. The SSD BM1743 is the successor to its BM1733, which debuted in 2020 and was a QLC PCIe 4th-generation drive with a capacity of 15.36 TB (4 bits per cell) using 96-layer fifth-generation V-NAND technology. The BM1733a version had up to 32 TB - the BM1743 almost doubles it. Its performance metrics are 1,600,000 / 110,000 IOPS random read/write, with sequential read/write throughput of 7.2 / 2.0 GB/s. The drive is heavily focused on read operations.

Both BM1733 and BM1743 have a U.2 (2.5″) form factor, but the BM1743 adds an E3.S option that supports PCIe 5.0. The BM1743 supports 0.26 drive writes per day (DWPD) over the guaranteed service life, an improvement over the 0.18 DWPD in the BM1733. The data retention of the new drive is guaranteed for up to three months, compared to one month for the BM1733.

Now companies like Solidigm, Samsung, and Western Digital SN655 are already offering 60 TB-class corporate SSDs, with hopes that Micron, Kioxia, Solidigm's parent company SK hynix, and Chinese YMTC will also offer something similar.

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