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Samsung employees exposed to severe X-rays at work - investigation launched

Samsung employees exposed to severe X-rays at work - investigation launched
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South Korean authorities have launched a case against Samsung after finding that two employees at one of the tech giant's plants were exposed to radiation. The two hospitalized patients have "abnormal" symptoms on their fingers, according to a statement from the South Korean Nuclear Safety Commission (NSSC).

In a statement, Samsung said that two employees at the semiconductor plant in Gihyeon were accidentally exposed to X-rays on their hands.

"Currently, these individuals are undergoing medical examinations at the hospital, and Samsung fully supports their treatment and recovery. The company will cooperate with all relevant authorities and ensure prevention of any recurrences," Samsung said.

The Samsung plant in Gihyeon is located about 40 km south of the South Korean capital, Seoul. Authorities stated that they have suspended the use of the machine that caused the incident. The exact cause of the radiation exposure is currently unknown, as the Nuclear Safety Commission is conducting an investigation. The Commission stated that further measures will be taken if any safety law violations are confirmed.

This is not the first case of employees being exposed to radiation at Samsung. The South Korean government linked the cancer that claimed the life of a former company employee in 2012 to radiation and chemical exposure during her work at one of the plants. The company apologized to employees who developed cancer at its plants and in 2015 established a compensation fund for them and the families of the deceased.

Source: CNBC

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