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NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang walked around a night market in Taiwan with executives from TSMC, MediaTek and Quanta

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang walked around a night market in Taiwan with executives from TSMC, MediaTek and Quanta
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CEO of NVIDIA Jensen Huang and heads of some of the largest companies in the semiconductor business were spotted together at the Ningxia Night Market in Taiwan. Along with NVIDIA's CEO, TSMC founder Morris Chang, MediaTek's CEO Rick Tsai, Quanta's CEO Barry Lam, and renowned architect Chris Yao were also having a good time together. The party took place the night before Computex 2024, and both the media and fans didn't miss this event.

Jensen Huang is quite often seen in public. Last year, he was spotted enjoying street food in Vietnam after discussing potential investments in the country with government leaders and company executives in Hanoi.

Currently, NVIDIA is not only the largest developer of video cards but also the third most expensive company in the world thanks to the boom in artificial intelligence technologies. TSMC has recently become the most valuable semiconductor manufacturer. Chris Yao, who joined the group for dinner, is one of Taiwan's leading architects and has designed several iconic buildings worldwide, including three facilities for TSMC and Quanta's research center.

MediaTek has a significant presence in the smartphone sector, holding 36% of the mobile chip market as of the last quarter of 2023. Rumors suggest that MediaTek is working with NVIDIA on an ARM processor for Windows computers. Quanta Computer is a major Taiwanese OEM laptop manufacturer, serving prominent clients such as Apple, Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, and Microsoft.

During the party, no major statements were made, although Huang stated that Taiwan is "one of the most important countries in the world." However, this informal meeting adds weight to the rumors about NVIDIA's plans. It was recently reported that the company will open a second artificial intelligence research center in Taiwan. Therefore, it makes sense to involve TSMC in this project—NVIDIA needs its capabilities for chip production. And for the new buildings, an architect will be needed. In turn, Quanta could produce devices with new NVIDIA/MediaTek chips. The joint dinner may hint at events beyond just rumors. Or it could simply be a quick meeting of friends and acquaintances who happen to have some free time before one of the world's largest tech exhibitions.

Source: Tom`s Hardware

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