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Ready for NVIDIA RTX 5090: Gigabyte's new motherboard can handle graphics cards weighing up to 58 lbs.

Ready for NVIDIA RTX 5090: Gigabyte's new motherboard can handle graphics cards weighing up to 58 lbs.
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The size of modern video card cooling systems is sometimes impressive, as well as their weight. Gigabyte has prepared for the heaviest NVIDIA RTX 5090 and offers PCIe 5.0 connectors and mounts that can withstand up to 58 kg. One might not want to think that this is a hint at the size of future video cards.

Currently, Gigabyte only offers three motherboards B650E (Extreme) that fully support solid-state drives and PCIe 5.0 video cards. Soon the company will demonstrate a new modern motherboard for AM5 with this chipset.

Presumably, the next AMD AM5 motherboards will have a different naming scheme than expected. Instead of X770/B750, there will be X870 and X850. Unofficially, it is known that the tested motherboard B650E AORUS PRO should have the characteristics and functions expected of the X870 board. This may be Gigabyte's way of showcasing new features without violating AMD's embargo.

The full name of the motherboard is B650E AORUS PRO X USB4. It has WiFi 7 and some innovative features, such as Sensor Panel Link, a connector that allows users to connect special panels to display real-time system information without a video card. Although Gigabyte currently does not sell these panels, there is a guide from the company showing how to connect them. This connector is already available on the Z790 AORUS PRO X motherboards.

There is a design feature called PCIe UD Slot X, which can withstand a large weight. The PCIe 5×16 slot has an Ultra Durable PCIe Armor - a special back panel that can withstand a load of up to 58 kg. The motherboard will be presented at Computex 2024 and will showcase the capabilities of the X870 series.

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