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Meet "Victoria" - an AI avatar of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry that will voice official statements

Meet "Victoria" - an AI avatar of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry that will voice official statements
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From now on, the AI-avatar "Victoria" will comment on the official statements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding Ukrainians abroad - effectively replacing "live" specialists even in TV and radio appearances, Forbes reports.

The avatar was created based on a real person, who was filmed from different angles and asked to read the text. "Victoria" will speak in English and Ukrainian.

"Such videos can quickly be distributed to TV channels", - say in the department. "The sphere of diplomacy in the world is very conservative - we want to change this and show our innovation."

A special QR code will be added to the video, directing people to the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the statement - this is done to prevent the spread of fakes.

The AI-avatar of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was created based on pre-recorded videos. Photo: Forbes

The development of the avatar, which took about a month, was carried out by the public association Nazovni Tech in cooperation with The Game Changers NGO. According to the co-founder of the GovTech company Strimco Roman Lansky, such work could have cost $5-10 thousand (however, it was sponsored by partners, not the state).

"To train her, it is necessary to upload about 1000 recordings of the MFA speakers for the last five years", - adds Lansky.

According to the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, the department already uses AI to voice official appeals in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic, and has overall deployed a comprehensive artificial intelligence implementation program - "Victoria" is just one of the first results. Also in progress is the development of an AI trainer for training young Ukrainian diplomats.

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