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Larian Studios will not be developing add-ons for Baldur's Gate 3 or the next installment Baldur's Gate 4

Larian Studios will not be developing add-ons for Baldur's Gate 3 or the next installment Baldur's Gate 4
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The game Baldur's Gate 3, which has just been named "Game of the Year," will not have any add-ons or expansions. This was announced by the founder of Larian Studios, Sven Vinke, during the Game Developers Conference. Moreover, according to him, the developer does not plan to release the next part - Baldur's Gate 4.

Instead, Vinke said, Larian Studios plans to completely move away from the Dungeons & Dragons universe and create something new, leaving this intellectual property in the hands of the publisher Wizards of the Coast.

This is a rather unexpected statement, given the huge success of Baldur's Gate 3. Many fans were expecting the release of DLC or expansions. Larian has released several major free patches that added, among other things, an epilogue party.

Last year, speaking to IGN journalists at Gamescom 2023, Larian Studios' Senior Product Manager Tom Butler said they were "discussing" the possibility of doing more for Baldur's Gate 3, although at the time they were focused on fixes.

"We will continue fixes for a while, then all take a vacation, and then figure out what to do next," Butler said. "But right now we are really having discussions. We want to do more. We don't know yet what."

The first and second games in the Baldur's Gate series were developed by BioWare. Before Baldur's Gate 3, Larian Studios was best known for developing the Divinity series.

Larian's next project definitely won't be Divinity: Original Sin 3, Vinke said in one of the previous interviews. The studio's founder added that he would be "different than you think," but that he is "still familiar."

Given the success of the Baldur's Gate series, it can be assumed that the publisher will turn to another studio to work on the new game Baldur's Gate 4.

Source: IGN

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