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Fallout 4 will get a free update with 60 FPS support, redesigned quests and other improvements

Fallout 4 will get a free update with 60 FPS support, redesigned quests and other improvements
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Upon the release of the Fallout series, Bethesda offers a great incentive to return to the game Fallout 4. On April 25, a free next-generation update will be released, bringing a number of improvements to the game almost 10 years after its release.

The next-generation update makes Fallout 4 a native game for PS5, Xbox Series X, and S. This introduces performance and quality mode settings that will offer "up to 60 FPS and increased resolution." Technically, you can play Fallout 4 at 60 frames per second on the console thanks to the current frame rate boost feature on Xbox, but official support is expected to offer more opportunities.

For owners of previous-generation consoles, the update will bring "improvements in stability, authentication, and quest fixes." On PC, the update will provide "support for widescreen and ultra-wide screen, as well as fixes for Creation Kit and a series of quest updates." Bethesda says that after the release of this update, the game will be certified for Steam Deck.

The update also includes many free Creation Club items. For example, the Enclave Remnants pack includes a new quest called Echoes of the Past, where the hero tries to "stop the Enclave from spreading their dangerous ideology and establish themselves in the Commonwealth." Halloween decorations and more are also offered.

Bethesda planned to release this next-gen update in 2023, but in December the company announced a delay, as "a little more time was needed." Now is the most optimal time for the update to be released - at the same time as the series that tells the events in the Fallout universe.

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