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Legendary Voyager 1 "called" home after 5 months of no communications

On April 20, the NASA spacecraft "Voyager 1", which is currently outside the Solar System, updated data on the state of its "health" and sent quite suitable information for analysis after transmitting gibberish for 5 months. This relates to informati...

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"Voyager 1" briefly made contact and offered hope for the resumption of NASA's historic mission

A month ago, it was believed that the 46-year-old space probe was "lost" due to a memory error. In fact, there was communication with the spacecraft, but it was meaningless - its messages were in gibberish. In early March, the spacecraft "Voyager-1"...

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"Voyager 1 lost in deep space due to memory error

The NASA spacecraft "Voyager-1" is lost in deep space. According to the space agency, this happened due to a memory error in the Flight Data System (FDS) onboard system. Apparently, the energy-dependent memory failed during the extensive time spent i...

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