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M&M's candy vending machines performed facial recognition on university students - they will be dismantled

Canadian University of Waterloo is removing smart M&M's vending machines from its campus. Students found out that the machines were secretly performing facial recognition of students without their consent. The scandal started when a student unde...

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Ukrainian drones will receive artificial intelligence from German company Helsing

The Minister for Strategic Industries Alexander Kamyshin and CEO of Helsing GmbH Gundbert Sherf have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the field of security and defense. Helsing is a German company that develops software and inte...

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Odysseus mission to the moon nearly crashed, due to a switch being turned off - saved by luck and skill

Last week the Intuitive Machines Odysseus spacecraft finally landed on the Moon, although the mission had its difficulties - the team reported problems with a switch that was supposed to activate lasers for a safe landing. Fortunately, the spacecraf...

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