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'Terrible character': God of War series creator criticizes Atreus' image

'Terrible character': God of War series creator criticizes Atreus' image
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The creator of God of War, David Jaffe, has stated that he considers Atreus to be a "terrible character on visual and gameplay levels." He believes that after God of War Ragnarok, Atreus is no longer interesting.

The last two games in the series, God of War and God of War Ragnarok, are considered the most popular because they are more focused on storytelling. However, the so-called "Scandinavian Saga" has its critics, including the creator of the entire series, David Jaffe.

Jaffe has repeatedly expressed his disapproval of how God of War and Ragnarok have changed the combat-intensive series in a different direction, with some of his biggest complaints aimed at Kratos' arc. It seems that Jaffe is not only dissatisfied with Kratos' story in the "Scandinavian" games, as he recently called Atreus a "terrible character."

Recently, David Jaffe shared a video in which he talked with Days Gone director John Garvin about the direction of the latest God of War games and how they handled Kratos. Jaffe had previously indicated that he does not like how his creation is growing and changing, but the video also shows that he really does not like Atreus.

He says that while he likes that Atreus is Kratos' son, he considers him a "terrible" character in terms of visual effects and gameplay style, and he is not the kind of character around which a franchise can be built. Jaffe believes that Atreus should have been set up as a character whom players want to control until the end of Ragnarok, which, in his opinion, was not convincingly done.

"What you're left with is not a character that you can build a franchise around. And I also think that Atreus is a terrible character on visual and gameplay levels. I like his role as Kratos' son, but this guy should have been set up until the end of Ragnarok or the middle of Ragnarok to want to say 'this guy is cool, I want to be this guy'—Ragnarok didn't give us that."

As always, David Jaffe's comments have sparked debates among fans. Not everyone agrees with him, and as mentioned earlier, many enjoy the two "Scandinavian" God of War games.

Source: Thegamer

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