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Telegram will allow limiting the authors of private messages for Ukraine, Russia and Belarus - Durov

Telegram will allow limiting the authors of private messages for Ukraine, Russia and Belarus - Durov
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Starting next week, Telegram will introduce the ability to limit the circle of those who write personal messages for residents of Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. Pavel Durov, the owner of the messenger, reported this.

The option is allegedly being added due to complaints from Russian-speaking users about personal messages with calls for terrorist acts. Earlier, Telegram applied "a number of technical and organizational measures to prevent this activity," as a result of which tens of thousands of similar attempts were thwarted, and participants in the flash mob with calls received a lifetime ban.

"Telegram is not a place for spam mailings and calls for violence," Durov writes.

The messenger is also implementing AI-based solutions to improve the efficiency of processing complaints.

Alexander Melnichenko, a representative of the Department of Counterespionage to Protect the State's Interests in the Sphere of Information Security of the Security Service of Ukraine, talked about the nature of Telegram's activities, which suggests the messenger's cooperation with censoring and punitive state institutions in Russia.

"We see clear cooperation between Telegram and Roskomnadzor and the FSB. When the FSB needs to block any channel in Russia, Telegram carries out these instructions instantly."

According to the SBU representative, the agency monitors the location of Telegram's servers, and there is a possibility that they are located in Russia. Ukraine, on the other hand, does not often succeed in blocking channels "engaged in destructive activities."

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