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Roblox launches artificial intelligence-based tools to simplify 3D content creation

Roblox launches artificial intelligence-based tools to simplify 3D content creation
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Roblox unveiled two new artificial intelligence-based tools aimed at simplifying the creation of 3D content on its platform. At the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, the company showcased Avatar Auto Setup and Texture Generator, which promise to significantly expedite the process of creating avatars and texturing objects.

Avatar Auto Setup streamlines the challenging task of creating avatars by automating the transformation of 3D body meshes into fully animated avatars ready for immediate use. This feature, available in the alpha version of Roblox Studio, greatly reduces the time spent on avatar customization. The company claims that Avatar Auto Setup can complete a process that used to take days for a person in just a few minutes.

Meanwhile, Texture Generator allows creators to quickly alter the appearance of 3D objects using text prompts. By simply inputting descriptive phrases, creators can generate textures tailored to their specifications, facilitating rapid prototyping and iterations. With Texture Generator, creators can swiftly create a prototype of a new look and optimize workflow processes. For example, if a creator requests a texture for a 3D wooden treasure chest, Texture Generator will create a texture that accentuates the sharp angles of the chest and considers elements such as wooden planks and a lock. Moreover, the creator can easily generate multiple versions of the pattern in different colors and textures, such as creating gold, silver, and bronze trophies.

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