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NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang promises fully AI-generated games in 10 years

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang promises fully AI-generated games in 10 years
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In recent years, artificial intelligence has learned to quickly create quality images and short videos. However, when it comes to our games, most innovations are limited to improving and expanding content created by humans. This could change in the next decade if Jensen Huang's recent forecasts are correct. The head of NVIDIA believes that there will be less than 10 years until the launch of games entirely created by artificial intelligence.

Huang held a question and answer session at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) after discussing Blackwell and artificial intelligence. He presented his own vision of the future generation of AI in games in response to questions from Tom's Hardware. When asked how close we are to a world where every pixel is generated in real time and what his vision of games in this space is, he replied:

"I think we have less than ten years left for that... In five years, you're probably going to be right in the center [of the game], where everything changes in real time, and everyone says, 'Look, this is happening.' ... We're probably already two years into that [direction]. So, I would say that within the next 5-10 years, somewhere around that time, it will mostly happen."

Users may think that computers are creating games right before their eyes, but in reality, this is the result of the visualization and rasterization process. Games created by artificial intelligence will be a completely different process, which will likely heavily depend on hardware.

The current most powerful RTX 4090 video cards are not very suitable for generating games using artificial intelligence in real-time — creating even one video generated by AI currently requires a lot of GPUs and computation time.

Source: PC Gamer

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