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"Meritorious service to the company": Microsoft will unfreeze employee pay raises

"Meritorious service to the company": Microsoft will unfreeze employee pay raises
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The Microsoft Corporation plans to resume salary increases for its most effective employees.

This was reported by Insider.

The likely salary increase may occur this month.

These plans were not announced company-wide, but the head of cloud technologies, Scott Guthrie, told employees at a meeting on April 30 that salaries may increase this year.

Microsoft states that it is unfreezing salary increases "for merits to the company."

A year ago, in an email to employees, CEO Satya Nadella stated that the company was locked in a "competitive environment and facing global macroeconomic uncertainty."

"This year, economic conditions are significantly different in many dimensions, including customer demand, labor market, and investments needed for the next innovation cycle. Considering this, we are funding our compensation according to the overall market," Nadella wrote.

The CEO of Microsoft explained that this decision is necessary in order to gather enough resources for fundamental investments in artificial intelligence.

Nadella himself received almost $55 million for his service in the 2022 fiscal year, which is 10% more than the compensation he received in 2021. There were no reports of his salary being reduced or frozen.

Recall that earlier it was reported salaries of developers, designers, and managers at Microsoft for the year 2022.

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